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MIMB Bridge Documentation

MIMB Import Bridge from SAS Library

Bridge Specifications

Vendor SAS
Tool Name Library
Tool Version 9.3
Tool Web Site
Supported Methodology [Database] Data Store (Physical Data Model) via SPK File

Import tool: SAS Library 9.3 (
Import interface: [Database] Data Store (Physical Data Model) via SPK File from SAS Library
Import bridge: 'SasDb' 10.0.1

This bridge imports SAS Database metadata.

The bridge reads the definition of Libraries and Tables from an SPK package file.
The file may contains multiple libraries of different engine types, implemented on multiple servers.
Thus you must specify the Library Engine to use and which server you wish to import from.

Please work with your SAS administrator to generate the required SPK file which must contain the proper Libraries, Servers, and Tables you wish to import.

Bridge Parameters

Parameter Name Description Type Values Default Scope
File Enter here the spk file to import from.

To create a SAS Package file in SAS Management Console:
1. Connect to the metadata server.
2. Select the Folders tab.
3. Right-click the SAS Folders node, and click 'Export SAS Package'.
4. Enable the option 'Include dependent objects when retrieving initial collection of objects'.
5. Follow the wizard screens to select folders and objects of interest and create the SPK file.

Make sure to include the following objects required by your selection:
- Libraries
- Servers
- Connections

You can also use the ExportPackage command line utility to generate the SPK file.
See this page for details:
FILE *.spk   Mandatory
Library Engine Specify the library engine to wish to import. ENUMERATED
Server The SPK package file may contains multiple libraries of different engine types, implemented on multiple servers.
Specify the server where the libraries you wish to import from are deployed.
The value should match a 'ServerContext' or 'SASClientConnection' in the SPK file.
You can browse this parameter to select a server available in the SPK file.


Bridge Mapping

Mapping information is not available

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